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Why we do what we do
  • To honor God in all we do

  • To help people

  • To pursue excellence

  • To grow profitably 

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What we hope to become

 Our vision is to become the best construction company in the United States by:

  • Recognizing that everything we have is a gift from God

  • Respecting everyone with whom we come into contact

  • Performing every part of our work with excellence

  • Conducting our business with complete integrity

  • Expanding our capabilities every day 

  • Growing the company responsibly and profitably

  • Giving back to God and giving generously to others


How we will conduct ourselves and our business

Integrity          We act with the highest ethical standards in everything we do

Leadership      We believe strong and effective leaders are vital for all levels of the company in setting high standards,

                            coordinating our efforts, and modeling servant leadership - allowing us to work together to meet our goals

Teamwork       We emphasize teamwork, open and honest communication, and meeting our commitments to each other

Development  We provide opportunities and motivation for personal and professional development for every team member

Respect             We treat everyone with respect and demonstrate personal and professional courtesy in all our interactions

Achievement   We set high standards and ambitious goals as a company and as individuals, and we strive every day to achieve them

Quality              We are committed to the highest possible quality and excellence in our work and in serving our customers

Objectivity       We are objective when evaluating our choices and making decisions; we strive to eliminate any personal

                            biases which may inappropriately influence us

Citizenship       We believe our company and each member of our team should act as a good citizen and community member

Safety                We place the safety of our team, our subcontractors, our project partners, and the public above expediency, efficiency, and profitability 

Generosity       We give eagerly and joyfully to those who have needs we can meet through donations of our time, money and resources

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