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Office Spaces

This page showcases a few of the Office Space projects we've completed for our clients.

Click on the photo for a slide show of that project.

Bethesda Real Estate
Common Area Remodel

Colorado Springs, Colorado

URS Corporation (Tenant)
Grifffis/Blessing (Our Client)
Office Remodel

Colorado Springs, Colorado

Wells Fargo Insurance (Tenant)
COPT (Our Client)
Office Renovation
Colorado Springs


This comprehensive remodel project was completed without disturbing the Tenant's on-going operations.


Extensive night work was required, as every office was given updated paint and flooring.  


The break room was completely refurbished, and several walls were moved, and multiple offices were reconfigured.

root9B (Tenant)
Cushman & Wakefield (Our Client)
Office Renovation
Wells Fargo Tower
Colorado Springs


A high-tech tenant improvement, which included a video wall made up of 27 flat screen TVs.


This project also featured a conference room with "switch glass" electrified glass walls that can be turned from clear to opaque at the flip of a switch.


We coordinated with the Tenant's audio-visual and networking crews to build a specialized and unique space for Cushman & Wakefield's tenant.

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