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  • Consultation During Project Development: 

    • We work with the Owner and design team to establish clearly defined project goals, including budget constraints and overall timeline requirements.

    • We attend regular meetings with the Owner and his Architect/Engineer team during the development of conceptual and preliminary design documents to advise on site use and improvements, types of building construction, (such as wood, steel or pre-engineered structures) selection of materials and finishes, building systems, and equipment. 

    • We provide recommendations on construction feasibility, availability of materials, labor and subcontractors, time requirements for installation and construction, and factors related to the overall cost of the project, including costs of alternative designs or materials, leading to the development of the project's preliminary budget.  


  • Scheduling: 

    • We develop a Project Schedule that coordinates and integrates the Architect/Engineer’s design efforts with anticipated construction schedules. 

    • We update the Project Schedule as needed, incorporating a detailed schedule for the construction operations of the Project, including realistic activity sequences, duration of activities, allocation of labor and materials, processing of shop drawings and samples, and delivery of products requiring long lead-time procurement.  

  • Estimating/Cost Control Services: 

    • We prepare a preliminary construction estimate as soon as major project requirements have been identified.  We update the estimate periodically as required by changes in the design documents. 

    • We prepare an estimate at the completion of the Design Development phase for approval by the Owner, and for use in scope definition in moving from the Design Development to the Construction Document phase. We the update and refine this estimate as the development of Construction Documents proceeds.

    • We provide value engineering recommendations as the design documents progress toward eventual permit-ready plans and specifications.  


  • Coordination of Contract Documents: 

    • We review the Construction Documents as they are being prepared, recommending alternative solutions whenever design details might negatively affect construction feasibility, project cost, or the construction schedule, at each phase of the Construction Document preparation.


  • Construction Planning: 

    • We recommend for purchase, and expedite the procurement of, long-lead items to ensure their delivery by the required dates. 

    • We make recommendations to the Owner and the design team regarding the work in the construction documents to facilitate the bidding and awarding of sub-contracts, allowing for any necessary construction phases, taking into consideration such factors as time of year, availability of labor, overlapping trade efforts and work scope, and provisions for temporary facilities. 

    • On Cost-Plus projects, when the drawings and specifications are sufficiently complete, Great West shall propose a Guaranteed Maximum Price (GMP) which shall be the sum of the estimated cost of the work plus the General Contractors fee with an agreed-upon contingency value included. 

    • Coordinate the advertising, bidding, and award of all work items. Develop subcontractor and supplier interest in the project as required to ensure receipt of competitive bids and/or the competitive procurement of all work items.

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